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The Infinix Hot 10i is an entry level smartphone with a 6.52 screen and a 6000 mAh battery released May, 2021.

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To change charger plug

To change charger plug

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Hi Bilo,

Not a lot of written information on repair procedures for your phone, but fortunately there are available videos. I found one that shows the procedure for changing the actual jack on the charging port board, and you can certainly do that, but I'd suggest just replacing the complete board, as it will be much easier and won't require any soldering.

Here's the video, just use it to get the charging board out then skip the part about unsoldering and replacing the port and go to the section showing how to put it back together.

Infinix hot 10i Charging port Replacement #phonefixing - YouTube

If you are comfortable doing the soldering and have the tools you're certainly free to just replace the jack like in the video, but I'm afraid you're on your own in locating a replacement part. The charging port board, on the other hand, is pretty easy to find; I saw examples on eBay, Amazon and AliExpress among others. Here's one of the first ones that came up.

For Infinix Hot 10i X659B OEM Charging Port Board -

There you go; if you just replace the board it looks like the only tool you really need is a small Phillips screwdriver! So good luck with your repair and let us know how it goes.

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