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Released on May 20 2022. These are Sony's most advanced noise cancelling headphones.

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I can't connect to my Surface Pro wirelessly. (Sony WH-1000XM5)

I tried to connect headphones wirelessly to listen to it but was unsuccessful.

I tried re-pairing and restarting.

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Hi @pnwrk,

Can you connect the headphones OK to other devices e.g. mobile phone?

If you can connect the headphones OK to another device, can you connect other BT headphones OK to the laptop?

If you can't connect other BT headphones to the laptop also, then the problem appears to be the laptop, what model Surface Pro is it?

This is just to isolate whether the problem is the headphones or the laptop


@jayeff I can connect other mobile phone, (my main phone is Iphone 13 pro)

my laptop is surface pro 9.

I was tried to connect airpods the connect is successful but, i can't hear the sound



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Hi @pnwrk

If you can connect to the Sony headphones OK but can't hear anything (not sure if you can connect or not or only can't hear if they do connect) go to Control Panel → Sound → Playback and check if the headphones are listed there.

If they are, click on the entry → Properties → Device usage → select Use this device (enable) → Apply

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OK thanks you, i'll try it! 😁😁



I checked and it was still there even when I did what you described :( I'll try to find another way, thanks for your input.



Not sure what you mean when you said ".... it was still there ..."?

It is supposed to be there if the earphones are connected but the setting should be set to "use this device (enabled)" and not disabled.


@jayeff I'm sorry for my lack of English, my English is not very good, I changed the settings to use the device, but there was no sound.



Check in Device Manager → Bluetooth to see if the earphones are listed and installed OK


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