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The RCA Cambio is a two-in-one Windows tablet produced by RCA.

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What are the correct prompts when in the UEFI SHELL to navigate?

I can't see the whole list of commands. I type help and it rolls all the way to the bottom, It doesn't use DOS and it doesn't map the drive. How can I get it to page the list so I can see what I have to input? I am trying to delete files so I can wipe the tablet because Windows setup 2fa on my log in with a # I haven't used in 5 years. Someone hacked me cause I hate 2FA and I can get the reset but It's useless if I can't get anything else to work. I hate windows it didn't do this until it updated and secure is OK but it's like a gun it's only the people who follow the rules that can't get one not the dangerous people who are not looking to register one. It's only me that can't use my computer. There's a 15 year old hacker somewhere laughing at me, I deserve it I decided a 32 bit windows was workable. So Not.

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Most commands support a -b command switch that tells the command to pause after each screenful of text, so that should allow you to see it one page at a time.

You should normally be able to see what's scrolled off the screen by using the PgUp and PgDn buttons as well.

Hopefully between those two you should be able to see what you've missed.

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@jylshoket have you considered skipping whatever it is you're currently trying to do and instead load a Windows install onto a flash drive and boot from that? From there you should be able to wipe the existing installation and reinstall from scratch. Just be sure to have any specialized drivers needed for your tablet handy on that same drive.


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@jylshoket may just be a longshot but why not try the EFI command list, Maybe you could even create a script ....Anyhow, see if this helps. EFI ShellCommandManual

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