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The RCA Cambio is a two-in-one Windows tablet produced by RCA.

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What happened to legacy support for these devices?

I have gone to the RCA web page, called support, they sent me to Canada to talk to Curtis( a corp) that sent me back to RCA electronics which I've been on hold with for almost an hour. What rabbit hole did this particular device fall into. It's still functional as a Internet email and browser based research tool, still being sold on eBay. But who keeps the technical info on it? I don't even want tech support I just want the tech notes.

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@jylshoket We really would not know that on here. We are mere volunteers ;-) that are working hard to assist users with the repair of their hardware. Now, what we do know is that there is no help from any manufacturer to be expected, when it comes to their hardware. There is zero, zip, zilch,nada, interest in keeping their legacy devices going. That, would cut into their profits. They do not want you/us to fix anything. There is no money in it for the Profit-before-People (Planet) machinery. That is why places like iFixit and others are so important. We all should support organizations like to fight for our right to repair.

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That's a given fact and annoying as heck. Programmed obsolesence is real and if more consumers knew maybe brand loyalty would become more valuable. I can't see spending more on another device from a brand that lacks consumer support and stops carrying a model a few months after you buy it. A 1000 dollar phone should not need to be upgraded once a year. I don't get how anyone accepts spending so much and not questioning what makes it so pricey if it's so short lived. I miss the time you could expect quality and get use out of what you bought, Sears made a brand on that idea so it's no wonder it's out of business after a 100 plus years. I need an archive that's not a museum. Cause it's already broken enough that it's not gonna get any worse to stick a fork in it. But it be nice to know where that spot is to make it work, guessing takes too long. Thank you to anyone who has any suggestions I need developer input, I know DOS, this is something else. Thanks happy holidays


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