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I want to repair my LG G8x thinQ Display

This is possible to repair in Saudi Arabia

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@shahrukhraza we do not know what is available in Saudi Arabia but you can do this repair yourself. Since iFixit does not yet have a guide for this, You can use this video even so it is a slightly different, it will show you how to remove your display as well. You can compare it to the the first 3 min of this video which is identical to your model. That way you can compare screen locations etc.

Most likely you will need some heat from a hair dryer etc to loosen the adhesive, not as easy as it is shown in the video. All you would need is heat and then either a razor blade, exacto knife, or even guitar pics to separate the screen from the frame. Again, not complicated. Then fit a new one in reversed order.

The easiest would be to replace the LCD with the midframe. Something like this (Example only)

The assembly is available at many online sellers. I am not sure about delivery to Saudi Arabia etc. That is something you will have to determine.

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How can I buy the display


@shahrukhraza that will depend on how you can order parts. If it is not available in your region, you will need to check with places that you can order parts from. Alibaba may be a good start


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