Does the iMac 2009 21.5" EMC 2308 cpu fan use 4 or 6 pins?

Guys, I need to buy the CPU FAN for the iMac Late 2009 21.5" EMC 2308, on the logic board there are 4 pins for the CPU FAN, but in the ads I only see the 6-pin one for the iMac 2009, now I'm confused.

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@ramonferre18311 don't read to much into this. The fan is a four pin connector and the Apple part number for your iMacs' model is 922-9122


@oldturkey03 Thank you, but I've looked in several places and I can't find this part number, for my country it's only viable to buy on AliExpress, I found this:

Do you think this works on the iMac Late 2009 21,5"?


@ramonferre18311 different processor different footprint. You possibly could make it fit but it will not be a simple drop in. Do you want me to send you a proper one from here (USA)


Thank you very much! I found an ad in my country (Brazil) for one that has the same format as my cpu fan and number of pins. I will receive it in 3 days. As it was cheap, if it doesn't fit the logic board I bought, I'll probably accept that you send it to me. A1311 Bfb0812h The ad only said this, but I can return it if it's not suitable for my iMac, when the cpu fan arrives I'll take photos of the label.


@ramonferre18311 perfect! Good luck to you with this whole endeavour. Remember you have access to a very large community of fixers and people genuinely want to help you to fix your iMac. We do believe that we all must work together to keep devices out of the landfill. No matter what it takes.

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