Flashing Orange Light after Battery Change and no more Charging

I have the Legion Lenovo 5-15IMH05H. I recently had an issue where it no longer worked with battery power and could only work when plugged in the wall. This is despite the battery light being a solid white signalling full charge, and Windows 10 reporting 97% charge on the battery. Even the "battery report" tool from Windows Powershell does not report any significant change in my old battery's health. Although, for the wall power and solid white light, the battery pack had to be unplugged and plugged back in for wall power to boot the laptop.

Thinking this was a battery issue, I recently bought the L19M4PC0 replacement battery from here hoping it would fix the issue. After replacing the battery in the chassis, the computer can now finally function on battery power. However, the new battery does not charge from wall power, and the battery light flashes orange from black.

I tried searching the internet for a similar orange light flashing, but other Legion laptops with the flashing light is more like an orange flickering instead. My laptop's battery light is off for 4.5 seconds, and orange for 0.5 seconds before restarting the "flash loop". This doesn't seem to be a charger/wall power issue because my laptop runs fine when the battery is disconnected and the charger is connected. I couldn't find anything related to my orange light flash in the manual and Lenovo's own diagnostic software did not report anything.

Is this maybe just some anti-consumer battery lock thing? Or am I missing a step when replacing the battery?

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