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3rd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple in October 2018. Models A1876, A2014, and A1895.

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Screen wont turn on after USB-C Port Replacement

I followed iFixIt instructions on removing the screen and replacing the USB-C Port which was corroded. I was very careful and made sure to take my time.

Despite this I must have done something wrong or damaged something because now it won't turn on or at least the screen remains black.

I get an audible ping noise when plugging in now which indicates the USB-C port is now working so I guess that is one positive.

When I press the power button instead of the apple logo I get a faint strip of alternating white lines across the width of the screen and that is all.

I have retraced my steps removed everything and replaced to no avail.

Any ideas what I have damaged?

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From your description the iPad is working and powering on so the obvious culprit is the screen itself is no longer displaying. The most likely failure point is the ribbon cable that connects the screen to the logic board. If the connector isn't seated exactly right or if it got pinched in the cover that screws over the connectors or between any other pieces of the reassembly it can cause it to stop/intermittently working. Have you visually inspected the connector cable and checked the connection where it plugs into the main board? You can also try starting it up with the screen off and the cable connected but not screwed down, this way you can gently flex the cable and connector to see if the screen flickers or stops working in certain positions. If this does nothing the other options are the screen itself being damaged, under undue strain, or even bent and possibly the graphics chip on the logic board being damaged or affected in some way (these are far less likely but worth considering if nothing else works).

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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Ok tried this now and now I'm getting coloured lines down the left hand side which has now indicated possible damage to the bottom left corner of the screen. I don't recall doing that but I must have gone a bit too deep there.

Think it's the screen itself so might try replacing that. But not sure if the cost is worth it :D

Thank you for your reply.


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