Can you add a guide for replacing the headband leather?

The headband leather and ear pads wear out at the same speed. while Jabra provide replacement ear cushions, they do not have anything for the headband. I image there is a lengthy way to replace the PU leather with a new piece of material?

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It's a fact that human body oils ruin polyurethane leather like material, a synthetic made to feel like leather but breaks down. You can try fabric stores like Joann Fabrics and find suitable material to custom make a cover over foam for a head band. Foam from pipe insulation, packing, seat cushions, mouse mats, etc. Even Velcro may be used if a custom headband needs removal for washing. If you choose another PU fabric, there's a diy preservation routine you can use; once a month application of silicone spray or very light coating of silicone grease and allowed to set for 48 hours or more then wiping it off before wearing headphones. Silicone preserves and reduces or eliminates body oils from attacking PU products.


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