Why does my car not go above 2500rpm

My 2013 nissan sentra sv has been doing this thing recently where it will not go above 2500 rpm and randomly loses power completely not letting me accelerate at all. There are no lights on the dash at all

It happened a month ago I put some gum out fuel system cleaner In it it fixed the problem for a couple weeks and started doing this again

I need to know what's happening, i got it checked out by my mechanic and he did not find any codes or anything when he hooked it up to his machine

If anyone knows what I should do please let me know

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@shayyanshah it either goes into limp mode or you may have some cat issues. Besides getting it scanned, what have you checked?


@oldturkey03 My mechanic looked at the throttle body and cleaned that out to see if that was the problem but it didn't seem to work, he also checked some filters he said it could be something to do with the accelerateors electrical

He had a small shop so he couldn't check alot.


@shayyanshah you should be able to manually increase the throttle. So if it is at 2500 max see if you can manually increase the throttle. What exact engine does your Nissan have? Manual or Automatic Transmission?


@oldturkey03 I believe the engine size is 1.8. It is an automatic transmission, I am not sure how to manually increase the throttle, when I put it In low gear the rpms do go up but the acceleration is very slow


@shayyanshah I have had very similar symptoms with a clogged catalytic converter. Does it do that all the time now.? Does it ever get better or always the same?


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