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Released September 2016. Identified by Model No. SM-G610

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My USB Port is unable to charge the phone?

I tried different charges but my phone not charging. have any of you any solution?

Please reply as soon as possible

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You mentioned trying different chargers, and hopefully that includes trying different USB cables as well. If that's the case, the next most likely issue would be the charging port itself. You'll want to clean it out well with 90% or higher concentration isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and maybe a toothpick or very fine tip tweezers. Wipe the contacts with an eyeglass cloth and try the charger again.

Look inside with a magnifying glass and a bright light and check for any bent or broken pins. Bent ones can sometimes be straightened out with fine tip tweezers, but broken or missing pins will require you to replace the charging port.

Move the plug around in different orientations, up, down, side to side, etc. If one position works while others don't then it's likely the connector itself is damaged and would need to be replaced.

The unfortunately part about that replacement on your phone is that the connector is mounted on the motherboard so it's not like other models where you can simply replace a daughter card. In your phone you have to remove the motherboard and use a hot air station to desolder the old connector and resolder a new one in place.

It is a job a home DIYer might be able to take on, but you do have to have pretty good soldering skills. That's something that I would feel comfortable attempting, but I consider myself to be somewhat better than most at soldering, although I stop short of claiming to be competent at microsoldering.

Here's a video showing you what all is involved in replacing that part.

How To Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charging Port Replacement - YouTube

The parts themselves are very cheap and readily available on sites like eBay, AliExpress and Amazon.

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