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How to remove the drain hose from a SMEG DWAU6214X Dishwasher

I have a leak in my drain hose right near where it passes through the rear dishwasher wall. I want to remove the hose and attempt a repair or replace. The hose passes through what looks like a removeable darker grey panel 5x12cm. Lower in this panel it also has the mains cable passing through it. I have looked but cannot see how the panel pops out. I'm sure I have to remove the panel and the hose would then slide out the top. As an aside is there a way to repair the hose which has a split inside the rib. I suspect I will have to replace it though.

Does the end that connects to the pump just pull off, push on? There look to be 2 O rings on this end of the pipe.

I believe I need this part "758973779 Smeg Dishwasher Drain Hose LS08 DWA Series 2 Meters"

It looks like the hose has a hard coller where it passes through the back panel.

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I ended turning the dishwasher on its front. Removed the plastic base and I could see two clips right near the bottom of the panel that the mains lead and drain hose passed through. I pushed these clips inwards to the panel and it released the panel so it could pop out the back.

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