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set up system password forgot

i forgot the system password at the set up of my laptop how do i get it

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Hi @daynawilso26476

The best way I know of to reset your password is to do a complete Windows reinstall. Is there any important data on the machine? If so, follow this guide up to step 2 to make a bootable Linux flash drive. Once you have that created, plug the flash drive into your laptop when it is powered down. Press F12 before the spinning circle that represents Windows booting appears. A menu should pull up. If Windows boots, just turn the machine off and try again. When the menu appears, there should be a couple of options. The name of a bootable flash drive varies, but it will usually be "UEFI Boot" or something like that. Use your arrow keys to select it and push enter. A screen should pull up with a spinning circle and the name "Ubuntu". Once it boots, select "Try Ubuntu". It should load for a minute, then open up to a desktop. You can now use the files program to move any important files over to an external drive or using Firefox move them to Google Drive or something similar. Once your files are backed up, shut the computer down and unplug the Linux flash drive. Turn it back on, and as soon as you see the spinning circle of Windows, hold the power button down until the computer shuts down. Do this 3-4 times. Then, turn it back on. A menu should appear saying that Windows is failing to start up properly. You just tricked Windows into thinking it's broken, and now it is giving you some options to fix it. Press advanced options, then click troubleshoot. Click "Reset this PC" and click through any warnings. Windows will reinstall itself, and you will be left with a setup Windows screen when it finishes.

Please let me know if you have any issues.

Good luck!

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