Why does my Atari Flashback 4 keep on glitching out?

I turned on my Atari Flashback 4. One second it is fine 3 seconds later it glitches out into red white yellow green blue and black colors. please Help

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@gameproblems how do those colors manifest itself. Are they individual and fill the screen? tell us more about it. Remember we can't see what you see. you are our eyes and ears :-)


Yo, it's like your Atari Flashback 4 is caught in a buggy level, bro! First things first, let's check the power situation. Make sure your power supply is stable and not fluctuating. If it's all good there, we might need to dig deeper into the console's innards. Next step, we're gonna do a bit of troubleshooting. Try unplugging the console and plugging it back in after a few minutes. Sometimes, a little reboot can fix glitches and reset the system. If that doesn't work, let's check the game cartridges. Make sure they're clean and free of dust or debris. Dirty cartridges can cause all sorts of issues, from glitchy graphics to the system freezing up. If you're still having problems, it might be time to look into the possibility of a faulty console. In that case, you'll want to reach out to the manufacturer or a gaming repair shop for further assistance. Don't worry, we'll get your Atari Flashback 4 back in the game in no time!


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