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Model A1059 or A1099 / 20, 40, or 60 GB hard drive / touch sensitive click wheel

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How to bypass battery

Hello All.
first timer here, new to the fourm. I have an ipod 4th gen that i'm trying to fix. I would like to bypass the battery to do some troubleshooting. anyone have any tips on how to do this? I was just thinking on pluging in 3.3v from a breadboard powersupply to the battery input.
Thanks in advance to any input and tips.

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I'm not very familiar with the 4th gen but from what I've seen it seems the battery is a 3 pin? Black is ground red is positive and a third white or yellow wire is presumably some type of thermistor. I would try applying gnd to black and 3.7v to red on the motherboard, check if it powers on, if it doesn't then it expects a signal on the thermistor pin coming from the battery. On most phones you can get away with pulling the thermistor pin on the motherboard to GND essentially 'emulating' a thermistor, I suspect it would work similarly on the iPod

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