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Released in May 2017 by AtGames, the SEGA Genesis Flashback is an emulator capable of playing original SEGA Genesis cartridges.

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Motherboard purchase as faulty

Hi where could I purchase a new motherboard as my console is freezing after 10 minutes of use. And obviously will need replacing

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Fixing a motherboard for these old consoles is nearly impossible, you can search on Ebay or Aliexpress in hoping of finding one.

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@gavinnurse since you are going right to replacing instead of considering a repair, I suggest you use Google or a search engine of your choice.

Now, if you are looking for help with a repair, you would need to take it apart and at least look at the motherboard and post pictures of it so we can see what you see. After all, it could be as simple as a couple of capacitors or similar. Sure, it could also be impossible to fix.

It is really not an old console if it is a "Flashback". If I remember right those do not use the original hardware but run an emulator and flash memory for the games.

Repair is War on Entropy!

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