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The Galaxy A14 is a low-end slate Android smartphone released by Samsung in January 2023 as a successor to the Samsung Galaxy A13. Identifiable by model number SM-A145 (followed by version/carrier-specific character.

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How can I stop the phone from freezing

How can I stop the phone from freezing

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@danielalfr62465 you are not giving us much to work with eree. It would be great to find out when and under what circumstances your phone freezes. I would suggest that you start your phone is safe mode and see if it still freezes. If it does not, them there is the likelihood that this is caused by a 3rd party App. You would have to delete those APPS one=by-one until you find the one that causes this.

If it still freezes in safe mode, it is time to backup all of your files and do a factory reset. You need a backup as well as the Google password and email that you used to setup your phone. Otherwise you will get looked out of your phone.

To place you phone in safe mode, follow the directions from here To do a factory reset, follow this video

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