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This is the first generation of the Ford Escape, a compact crossover SUV. Production started in 2000 for the 2001 model year.

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What would cause the engine warning light to come on

have checked oil ,water and every thing else i could think of but the light is still on is tyere something i might have missed.

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raylene, a check engine light can turn on because of a large multitude of things. The light turns on because one of the many sensors that monitor the car performance is operating out of range. This sensor will store a code. The code can only be read with an OBD II scanner. Many auto part stores (Autozone or Maaco in CA)will read the code for free. Once you have a code, you can determine much closer what needs to be repaired/adjusted etc. Let us know what you find. Good Luck.

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not tightening the fuel can cause this. find a mechanic that can clear code. then don't forget to tighten fuel cap. On some cars leaving fuel cap loose causes oxygen sensor to pop a code. Try it never know

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