phone not powering on after cfw flash failed

firstly, sorry if this isn't the right place to put this, but back in Nov/Dec 2023 while I was trying to flash the stock firmware back onto the phone (mainly because the previous OS flashed on it was trash), during the flashing process the phone had just randomly rebooted. Still, instead of it booting into Android it went back into fastboot mode. after that, I tried the flashing process again and this time it just shut down and since then I haven't been able to turn the phone back on. today I decide to turn and open the phone to see if it had gotten water damaged but as far as i can see the motherboard is in perfect shape. also today i noticed that there is a humming noise coming from it. other than the humming noise i cant get it to show any signs of life. i would like to get the device working again as it was my only phone that can be bootloader unlocked and flashed since I'm into running custom roms on my phones. thanks in advanced

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