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La Xbox Series X est la console de jeu 4K de nouvelle génération de Microsoft. La Xbox Series X est sortie en même temps que sa cousine, la console Xbox Series S, le 10 novembre 2020.

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Faulty hdmi port I need a picture of a perfectly soldered hdmi

Block Image

Suspicious damage i need an example

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@bryanbecker you will have to tell us at least which game console you have. The other thing to consider is that you post a couple of pictures of your HDMI port. That way the experts on here can identify any issues Ajout d'images à une question existante


@oldturkey03 Just hopping in here so I will remember to comment if pictures are added. Feel free to @ me if I am needed to weigh in. :)


@flannelist heck yeah we will! Your expertise makes you the perfect person for this kind of job.

@bryanbecker now it's in your court. You got a perfect fixer looking out for you. Let's get it done! Repair is War on Entropy!


It’s an Xbox series x ! (: @oldturkey


@flannelist what do you make out of it?


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Couple things I notice here. I don't know the history of this device, but the port has definitely been replaced. I'm unclear as to whether you're trying to sort out the issue, or you replaced it, but it's not working. The thing that sticks out to me is this spot in the picture. I cannot tell if this trace is broken from the picture, but it looks like it may be. I would look closely to make sure there was no damage to the electrical line coming off that pin. You can check for continuity using a multimeter if you have one.

Block Image

To test the integrity of the port install, you can make sure all the pins are solidly attached to the board. You can try and wiggle them gently will some tweezers or any other fine point metal tool. I would expect them to be more uniform and there should be no wiggle if poked with some tweezers.

This video is a good example and very clear view of a good solder job on one of these.

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