Keyboard detected by the device, but no switch to desktop UI happen

I'm 99.9% sure the the problem stands not on the tablet itself. The tablet detects the keyboard when it's attached magnetically, as an accessibility button disappears on the software, but the interface won't switch to desktop mode, and no key nor the touchpad input are in any way detected by the device. I tried to check what connects the 2 apparata together.

  • Magnets, of course
  • Strap cable
  • 5-pins (leading to the activation of desktop mode, as far as I know)
  • 2 plastic "thick pins" (which I believe trigger the insertion of the keyboard)

Anyone has a clue if it's possible to replace the strap cable without damaging the product irremediably? I'm outside warranty coverage, and I have almost nothing to lose but the keyboard.

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