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My battery is so weak

How to make my battery so strong

Make a strong battery

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My battery is run fast how to repair the battery??


My battery is run fast how to repair the battery??


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1. Turn on the Power saving mode

You can turn on the Power saving mode, and go to Settings > Battery > Power saving mode. When it is turned on, it will automatically optimize the performance of the phone, stop the background synchronization function and prolong the battery life. You can also adjust the items to be optimized by yourself, go to Settings > Battery > turn on Power saving mode > Default optimization and add or remove some functions.

2. Turn off applications with high power consumption

You can check which app consumes more power by Settings, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage, click the specific app and choose to close the apps you don't need to use temporarily.

3. Turn on the Auto select screen refresh rate (If the phone is only suitable for 60Hz, this function is not supported )

Go to Settings > search for Screen refresh rate > Auto select. The phone will switch the screen refresh rate according to the application to avoid consuming more power due to using a high refresh rate all the time.

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