LG DLEC888W: Possible flow sensing issue?

Hey all. I have recently been doing some renos on my laundry area, part of this involves having my laundry machines side-by-side (the dryer used to be on top). Since making this change I have been experiencing issues with the dryer.

First was a hot electrical smell on the outside and a faint hint of something burning on the inside. I stripped the machine down, cleaned out everything I could see and inspected parts. No big lint build up or obvious failing mechanical parts.

The machine has been running fine for a week and about 45 mins into it's second load of the day, starts beeping. The beeping is accompanied by the check lint filter and closet door (?) light flashing. I open the door, smell the faint smell of burning and the dE code flashes. I think this was just because I opened the door at that time.

I reset the machine by powering down and it's running fine again. I'm wondering if I have a failing thermostat but no idea how to test. This is a very simple machine to work on once I know what's up, I would be loathed to shell out for a service cost. Any help greatly appreciated.

(It's a 240V condensing dryer).

Have a great week!

Edit: after some scouring the internet I think it uses thermistors for flow sensing?? The lint filter light is flashing when it stops mid cycle. Lint filter is clean, whole air path inside the machine is clean. As I mentioned, it's a condensing dryer so, no air vet to outside.

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