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Samsung ST150F Smart Camera released in 2013, 16.2 MP, Silver or Black, Wifi connectivity, 25mm wide angle.

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My camera len is stuck in a position that wont zoom back in.

My camera len is stuck in a position that wont zoom back in. When I try to turn it on it tells me to take out the battery but it does not work and wont turn on and zoom back in as a result.

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@ellenzhang a stuck lens is one of the most common errors for the point and shoot cameras. Try some of the suggestions given on this site.If those do not work, you may need to consider replacing the lens. there is not enough information about the actual lens assembly in order to try to fix it, hence the need to replace it.To do that, use these guides Samsung ST150F to disassemble your camera.You can also use something like this video right up to the 5:00 mark. Now you are stuck with having to replace the lens as the last part, without a guide.

To help you to remove the lens we would need to see a close up of the lens. For now, you want to remove the Philips screws as shown here.

Block Image

There should be one or possibly even two more under the ribbon cable. Replacement lenses are still available and are really not to expensive. The only thing to watch out for are the ribbon cables. You do want to make sure that you do not tear those etc.

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