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Button to the gas tank does not open on 2000 Lincoln Continental?

The button to reelase the gas tank door does not work

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Is the from your remote or interior button? Does the trunk button work, how about the door locks?


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Check fuse number 8 (2nd row from the top, 3rd fuse from the left). It is a 20A fuse and is for the fuel filler door release switch as well as the trunk lid relay. you also want to check out your trunk,sometimes there is a pull cable to open the gas filler door in the trunk.

Just verified this by using the owners manual page 78 "If the remote release is inoperative, open the trunk, then pull the override release handle located inside the trunk on the passenger side to open the fuel filler door." the owners manual is available right here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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where can I get the free owners manual for the Lincoln continental I am having the same problem with my fuel tank button? thank you

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I'm have the problem that the trunk want open but the gas button will work if anyone has any ideas why thanks

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