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Released August 2003. An expensive, but high-end laptop of its time.

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Why won't it boot up

press on button. green light comes on, screen flashes (sometimes) then it's dead

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Anything happen to it? Do you get any sign of the POST? What have you tired so far to fix it? Have your tried an AC adapter?


i'm back on with the machine in question maybe graphics card? don't know alot, is there some diagnostics i could run through it?


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henge, you might want to check on here. Those Dells' are prone to failure, especially the hard drive. Check your RAM as well. Good Luck.

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came on after many attempts a month ago getting less reliable in switching on, runs great when its going but now it wont start. battery seems fine. thanks for takin the time.


Do any of your LED's come on or do they blink? Have you tried an external monitor to make sure that it is not just your LCD?


Here is the service manual for your computer


thanks for trying old turkey, I'll let it hibernate through summer and look for another.


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