Device won’t power on

One day my speaker just disconnected from my home wifi , after unplugging it and switching it back on it was stuck in a boot loop for about a month, after a handful of forms just suggested to leave it unplugged for a while , the problem will fix itself . Well it's been 3 months now , (2 months constantly no power) and now the speaker is not turning on at all , I tested the power supply and it is still giving out 24V, no lights turn on , no sound is coming out and the mute is still unresponsive , I tried countless times trying to factory reset it while it was stuck in a boot loop but had no luck

Has anyone experienced this problem and did anything resolve it ?

Im considering repurposing the speaker and turning it into a bluetooth speaker

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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PS, im situation in South Africa and google doesn’t support any African countries so Im kinda left in the dark over here


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