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PowerBook G4 Aluminum laptops with 15 inch displays

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No airport card installed, the screen will not dim or brighten

After replacing my AC in sound card and reassembling my powerbook G4 15" i cannot control the screen brightness on the keypad. I also am showing no airport card installed although i have one. I soldered in a new pram battery and kept the original battery circuit board .

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Since you removed your Power/Sound board, you may have disconnected or damaged the inverter cable. This is located on the left side of the motherboard, near the power board and Airport card. The inverter cable controls the screen backlight, and may be why the screen is dim. Also check the Airport card's connector, as it may be loose or disconnected. I'm not sure what model of 15" Powerbook you have (There are 3 different variations) but I've circled the inverter cable in this picture in yellow, because it is in the same location on all 3 Powerbook models.

Block Image

Good luck,


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Thanks for your answer Chris. I discovered after opening the top of my powerbook G4 15 inch 1.2 gzh That the keyboard ribbon was not inserted properly. I checked all the rest of the connections and after reassembling everything worked fine except no airport was detectected as installed. When the computer was apart i asked a friend to hold it on its corner while i tapped out a small dent by the ac in. As soon as they touched the empty bottom frame except for the still installed hard drive ,dvd and airport there was a discharge of static to the case. Could that have fried my airport. Everything else now works fine after assemby, except no airport card installed

What do you think i should do


The only thing I can think of would be to disconnect and reconnect the card, and check your connections again. The static may have damaged the Airport card as well, since technology is very sensitive to static.


Thanks again for your response . However all is well with everything.After opening the case at least 4 more times i checked and rechecked all connectors and made really sure that they were all seated well in their sockets.Finally got everything working including the airport! !

Thanks again to you and your company for just being here


Ira Auerbach


I'm glad I could help, Enjoy your working laptop!


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