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Model A1285 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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How do I ulpoad pictures onto my iPod?

Ive looked on Google with no successful answers, but I cannot figure out how to upload picture onto my iPod. Any tips?

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cassie, you do that the same way as you do your music. You sync it in iTunes. Download the user guide for your Nano from here. page 48 tells you exactly how to do it:" To add photos from a folder on your hard disk to iPod nano:

1 Drag the images you want into a folder on your computer.

If you want images to appear in separate photo albums on iPod nano, create folders

inside the main image folder, and drag images into the new folders.

2 In iTunes, select iPod nano in the source list and click the Photos tab.

3 Select “Sync photos from …”

4 Choose “Choose Folder” from the pop-up menu and select your image folder.

5 Click Apply.

When you add photos to iPod nano, iTunes optimizes the photos for viewing.

Full-resolution image files aren’t transferred by default. Adding full-resolution image

files is useful, for example if you want to move them from one computer to another,

but isn’t necessary for viewing the images at full quality on iPod nano.

To add full-resolution image files to iPod nano:

1 In iTunes, select iPod nano in the source list and click the Photos tab.

2 Select “Include full-resolution photos.”

3 Click Apply.

iTunes copies the full-resolution versions of the photos to the Photos folder on

iPod nano.

To delete photos from iPod nano:

1 In iTunes, select iPod nano in the source list and click the Photos tab.

2 Select “Sync photos from: …”

 On a Mac, choose iPhoto from the pop-up menu.

 On a Windows PC, choose Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements from the pop-up


3 Choose “Selected albums” and deselect the albums you no longer want on iPod nano.

4 Click Apply""

Hope this helps, good luck.

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To upload images to Google is very simple and could easily be done with the help of picasa. Download the free picasa software and install it on your PC, get it synchronized to your email id. once synchronized all you need is simple move the images from your computer hard disk to the picasa default folder and it will become live on Google images search engine. Here is the video

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If you have stored abundant beautiful photos on your computer, you must want to transfer photos to iPod for sharing them with friends and enjoying them anytime anywhere. One thing should be noticed is that without iTunes, it is rather difficult for you to transfer pictures to iPod. But an iPod Photo Transfer can do the job as well as iTunes to sync photos to iPod/iPod Touch. How to transfer photos from computer to iPod with this iPod Photo Transfer? Focus on the simple guide below and you can master the guide easily, then you are able to transfer photos to iPod for enjoying on the go.

Download iPod Photo Transfer here, and start to transfer pictures to iPod with the following simple steps.

1.Link iPod to Computer

Before you get this iPod Photo Transfer started, you should connect your iPod/iPod Touch with your local computer. Activate the software, and then your computer file information and your iPod file information will be checked and read immediately by the program. Open each file type on your computer or your iPod/iPod Touch, detailed file information will be shown.

2.Select Files for Computer to iPod Transfer

After you have connected you iPod with computer, you should choose files for transferring. To transfer photos to iPod, there are three ways provided for you to pick up the wanted file sources.

1). AutoFilter: you can make use of this function to sort out your computer photos that are not in your iPod at once so that there is no chance for duplicate transferring.

2). Show as list or Show as file: you can choose one of the two ways to display your computer files and you can pick up your desired pictures under one of the file showing way with ease.

3). Manual Filter: you are enabled to search the wanted files through keywords.

3.Sync Photos to iPod/iPod Touch

When you have chosen the wanted picture files, you can start to transfer pictures to iPod via the following three ways:

1). Direct Drag-and-drop: you only need to drag the selected pictures to your iPod.

2). Right Click: by right clicking on the selected files and "Transfer to" iPod.

3). Transfer Button: click on the big Transfer button and you can choose to transfer photos to iPod in the pop-up window.

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Make A Folder On Your Computer And Drag And Drop Photos Onto Your iPod By Going To iTunes And Go To The Little iPod In The Almost Left Side Corner Then Go To The Photos Section On The Sync Area And Select The Folder Then Click Sync And When Its Done Eject It Then The Photos Should Be On There

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