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The HTC 7 Surround is a smartphone created by HTC running on the Windows Phone operating system.

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Why is my HTC Surround not turning on?

I have a HTC Surround, it's in pretty good condition and has never given me any problems. All of the stickers on the phone are still white, I do not think there is any water damage, however the phone does not turn on. I tried reinserting the battery repeatedly, and no luck.

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Use a multimeter and test the battery. If no juice, replace it.

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There was a charge on the battery, as well as 2 random parts on the phone. What should I do know?


what exactly are you referring to when you say a charge on the battery. You checked the voltage? What did it show? What 2 random parts had a charge on it?


The charge on my battery was 1229mAh

On the phone, I attached the ends to the battery fits in (like the 4 spikes). I attached 2 spikes on each end got a REALLY small amount. Basically nothing


The charge should not have been measure in mAh. mAh is the capacity of the battery, and is the product of current and time, so your 1229mAh battery can supply 1.229A for one hour. If you connected a voltmeter to the battery and "basically" got"nothing" replace the battery and make sure your battery contacts are clean


I got the 1.229A for the battery. When I connected it to my bare phone i got nothing. And when I connect to my charger, the phone still doesn't turn on? D:


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me i ask also becoz if i charge the phone then it will but the moment i going to open it, i can't

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