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iPod fell in the rain, screen cracked red water sensor, white screen

I got in my car the other day while it was raining heavily. I went to the store and came back to see my iPod laying on the ground, screen cracked and definitely wet. Now when I hit and hold the power button ON the screen just shines white. Am I to just assume I'm screwed? The motherboard is probably shot right? I haven't plugged it into my iTunes yet, if it were to be recognized is their a shot of fixing it?

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Tyler Hasemann, whatever you do, do not try to plug your iPod in or try to restart it. That may be causing you more damage. Disassemble your iPod using this guide. Clean it the same as you would an iPhone, follow this guide. After you cleaned it properly, replace the battery, as well as the display. Use the guides from here. Once you got all that accomplished, reevaluate for any damage. Yes, there is always a chance to resurrect it, but you do have to be diligent about it. Hope this helps, good luck

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