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Le Sony Ericsson W810i est un téléphone portable Walkman avec une caméra et des capacités de lecture musicale.

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Why is display not showing up when turning on Phone?

When i turn on my Phone, it doesn't show display but the keypad lights glow i.e phone starts and I hear the welcome tone also. Other functions are also working but display is not.

Can you please tell me how to fix my display ?

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yes it was, but then keypad was not working, so I gave it to someone else for repairing, after that display worked correctly for 1 day then it suddenly blacked out. After that display didn't worked.


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Was the phone dropped or damaged in any way recently?

I would check to see if the LCD screen is broken somewhere. Here's the teardown guide to check on your screen Remplacement de l'écran LCD du Sony Ericsson W810i

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