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umd driver not scanning games

when i put a psp game in my psp 3000 it wont scan and my laser wont bobble up and down when i press the switch plz help

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Hey Eli, you may have to check a few things.

Some of the 3000 model PSP's had 2 switches you have to press to get the laser to fire up.

One switch is on the side of the lens cage. The other switch is in the middle of the lens cage, near the spindle.

With your symptom,

1. Could be the switches.

2. Could be the laser itself is dead.

3. Could be the door is not closing correctly and the umd is not sitting right.

4. Could be the gears that move the lens have jammed up.

5. Rarely, but the motherboard has failed.

Hope this helps.

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