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boots up but no chime no video

Hi i have a 2005 imac g5 20inch isight EMC 2082

the problem i have is that only 1 and 2 LEDs come on i can see one capacitor slightly bulging at the top , my problem is that there is a heat sink with four pop out screw like rivets when these are removed i still can not budge the heat sink is there any one who can help me please? i can only replace the capacitor if this heat sink is removed


thank you to everyone who tried to help i have sorted it out thank you very much the heatsink is sitting on top of kodiak IBM chip after a few wiggles it off and now i can access the capacitor

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HI machead thanks for you reply i have taken the logic board out, apart from the processor and graphics chip there is a heatsink on its own with four black button type lock rivets where if you squeeze the ends they retract from the board my problem is that after they retract the heatsink is quite suborn to even move a mm so i am wondering whats this heat sink for and do i have to be a bit more brutal with it ? thank you for your first reply


remove the other sides heat sink bolts (8 in all)

Apple iMac G5/2.1 20-Inch (iSight) Specs

Identifiers: iSight - MA064LL/A - PowerMac12,1 - A1145 - 2082


Hi Mayer i have done all that thanks my problem is that there is a heatsink on its own sitting on the motherboard? what is it for ? i have to remove it but it seems very tight its not screwed down ? its sitting on some sort of chip its located just above the ram release arms that you pull to get the memory out.


Hi there

Could you please advise is replacing that capacitor fixed the problem? I have the same issue and I have replaced capacitor that are sitting on the other side of the logic board (their pins are covered by that heatsink and I had to remove that to reach pins when replacing capacitors).

But unfortunaely replacing capacitors did nt help. I am not sure now if that was capacitors issue and if i need to replace them again or there is issue with something else.


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Follow this guide (you have an Apple Model No: A1145 (EMC 2082)) The entire logic board has to come out of the machine.

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