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La Nintendo DSi est la troisième version de la Nintendo DS. Elle a d'abord été lancée au Japon le 1er novembre 2008 puis dans le monde entier en avril 2009.

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Getting pictures back after formatting?

My son has a Nintendo DSi and accidently did a system format and lost all of his pictures that were saved on the system, not the SD card. Is there any way possible to get these pictures back?

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i need some answers too please help me .. my sd card on ds dont have a memory card .. is there possible that i can bring old photos back ?? i wish i can .. its really important .. :'( HELP ME !!


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Hi Shelly. Don't panic once you find that the photo loss happened. The first thing I hope you can do is to stop using the device to avoid the data overwritten situation. Actually the delete command or formatting will not really delete the files in your device. All the commands do is only to free up the space of the deleted files so that the space can be used by the new files. If you keep operating on your device, you may make some new files which will take the space of the deleted files and you will lose the chances to recover the deleted files.

To help you to solve your problems, you need to make your son's Nintendo DSi as a USB drive or external drive which can be read by the computer and then search methods to recover the files. You can check more details in this post to get more helpful tips you may need:

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What do I use to plug the dsi into the computer?


How do I make my dsi as a USB drive or an external drive


can I get the sd card and plug it into my Chromebook, if so how?


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Shelly, this can be tricky and most of the time, once they are gone, they are gone :-( but you can try something. First off, stop using the DSi so that no more data is going to be overwritten. It is possible that those formatted files are still stored just invisible or inaccessible. The FAT or NFTS table erased the information about where that data was saved. The real data might still be intact intact in sectors. As long as that data is not overwritten by new data, it might be possible to recover them. In your case as with recovering photos from your DSI, I would try some photo recovery software. Get the free version and see if it can access your DSi. No guarantees, but nothing to lose. Hope this helps, good luck

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Dont worry, you can recover deleted pictures after accidentally format the system, here's a good format recovery guide that helped me last time

how to recover deleted files after reformat

You will need to connect the Nintendo DSi to computer, and then download this photo recovery software.

hope this helps.

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how can i connect it?


help! how do i connect it to my imac?


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Go for Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. The software is efficient in retrieving deleted photos from Nintendo DSi gaming console on Windows computer.

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Yes you can as of now

1 go download flipnote lenny

2 extract all the files to the root of sd card

4 put the sd card in dsi and open flipnote studio

5 click view flipnotes

6 click sd card

7 click on lenny flipnote with EUR orUSA or JP

8 click edit

9 click the flipnote frog

9 go to frame editing and click copy

10 exit this flipnote

11 open the big lenny face

12 click edit

13 open frame editing and click paste

14 now using d pad chose fwtools.nds and press A

15 write down CID on peper

16 on up screan using d pad chose Dump Nand and press A

17 now wait until complites

18 Then chose Exit and click A and turn off the dsi

19 now search for nand.bin in sd card and copy it on desktop

20 now you done the first part the second part is to decrypt the nand

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Im afraid to say but once you format the system its gone for good very sorry

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