Deuxième génération de l'iPhone. Modèle A1241 / capacité de 8 ou 16 Go / coque arrière noire ou blanche. La réparation est plus simple que pour l'iPhone de première génération et nécessite des tournevis, des outils pour faire levier et une ventouse.

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No signal after repair

Thanks everyone for helping this issue. I too have same problem with my 3GS after replacing the battery. I tried making the small copper pin touching the frame. But no luck so far. Phone is trying to search for network even if the SIM card is not installed and finally says NO signal.

Can anyone tell me the fix for this?

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Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. Does this apply to iPhone 3GS as well? Because the post is for iPhone 3G.


sayhiworld and voxleo, I have changed this to a separate question, otherwise your posts on a very long and old question will get missed. Also, if voxleo's suggestion works please return and accept his answer as a solution.


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Try this: (pay close attention to the pics for the location of the component)

As unlikely as it may seem - this actually worked for me after losing signal following a screen replacement - and I had searched and tried EVERYTHING else first (at least a hundred different pages of tutorials, guides, videos - you name it). If I hadn't done so much reading though, I wouldn't have come across the solution, but it was a needle in a haystack. Frankly I am totally astounded that the fella who posted it was ever able to locate the problem; the piece is REALLY tiny and I never even knew it was ever there, much less that it was missing until I had tried everything else under the sun.

I finally stumbled onto his post in a comment from another fixit page with hundreds of people with the same problem and no fix. I had been so careful, I really didn't think that could be the problem, but when I got out a magnifying glass and studied the mobo, sure enough that little inductor was missing! A blob of solder connecting the two contacts it rested on is generally enough to regain the signal (some say even stronger than previously before it was lost). A drop could possibly dislodge it, I would think, because it seems to happen to so many who have opened the phone to change the battery or housing - possibly Apple designed it that way to keep a monopoly on the repair service.

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Yes, there are also lots of success stories for the 3gs on that same site in the comments. I think there is also a picture somewhere on there for the 3gs too, but it may be that particular design is similar or the same enough that the 3G pic will give the same map to the component that is gone - it is smaller than a head of a pin! But the instructions were good and you may only need a little dab of some conductive fluid rather than solder if that seems less scary. There is a "circuit writer pen" available from Radio shack which would do the same thing, or also the automobile rear window defoegger repair kits also contain something similar that will work and you can get that at Pep Boys or similar. Basically, the idea is to just jump the contact pads that the inductor would sit on with solder, or wire, or another inductor, or the stuff I mentioned already. If you've tried software fixes and resets (and sometimes reassigning the carrier helps, but I don't know that procedure) and still no go, its probably this piece. AT least it is easy to confirm if it is missing just by looking at it, but you have to get to the motherboard via almost complete disassembly. But if you were willing to do that anyway, then a look will tell you whats up.

If by any chance that isn't it once you have it apart, you can also look into the dock/charging part replacement as this piece has an antenna stuck on the back of it, and a little pressure pin spring that may have been dislodged so that antenna circuit gets broken at that point, but unless you've taken that part apart too, then it is less likely to be the issue than the inductor by the "do not remove" screw.


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