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replace yellow tape inside laptop with..?


For a shameful reason I teared down my computer, cleaned it with destiled water from coffee and now i see that some of the yellow tape, which i guess protected important electronical parts, isn't sticky enough any more.

for example that one that holds the keyboard-&-trackpad-connector on its place.

my question: can i replace it with normal office tape or does it have to be especially heat resistant?



ps: did you know that apple technicians work amazingly imprecise? i saw some scary scratches and broken parts inside that can only be caused by quick and rough working.

I know, i am the one who poured coffee over it, but still my discovery shoked me.

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Another user suggested Electircal Tape, but i would recommend that you go on ebay and buy some %#*@ Kapton Tape, BTW abt those scratches, It is bc the macbooks are made by slaves in china who don't give a shite abt the wuality of their work


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DO NOT USE SCOTCH TAPE. Go to Radio Shack and get some thin electrical tape.

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here's some electrical Scotch tape


allright :) I won't use scotch tape. thanks!


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I have a great Kapton Tape provider out of China... takes about 10 days to get to you, but excellent pricing and excellent quality.

$8.50 (no shipping $$)

15mm X 100ft

ebay user: e-best_trade

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- vote for advertising your sales, but I might buy some from you.


Hey Mayer - It's been awhile. Hope you're well.

However, regarding my post, you misunderstand. That wasn't a plug/ advertisement for anything related to me... so please remove the (-1)

:) My comment was simple attempt to assist interested parties to ONE possible lead for inexpensive Kapton tape supplies. I have ordered from them, and had a good experience. That's all

My comments weren't in any way promoting me (or business for me) in any way... lol. I am just one of many CLIENT(s) of theirs. Check them out on ebay if you need Kapton. It's just a helpful suggestion...



OK, thought that was your ebay selling name.


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Serious techs use the kaplon tape to fix cables and components on electronic boards.

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I'm not sure if I'm a serious tech, because I used a bread knife instead of a screwdriver.. (worked perfectly by the way). but maybe I can feel like one when I use kaplon tape ;-) thx for your tip


I said "serious" because of the kaplon tape price LOL. Not cheap...


kapton tape doesnt have extremely heat resistant and doesn't conduct electricity ... for those reasons pc people in vest in it over other tapes for use inside a hot , and electrcly sensitive PC


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