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Modèle A1369. Processeur 1.6, 1.7, ou 1.8 GHz. Stockage SSD 64, 128 ou 256GB.

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Add a MBP Glass Display Bezel

I recently purchased a MBA Mid-2011 Model and was interested in the possibility of replacing (if required?) the aluminum display bezel with the MBP Glass Display Bezel (black border, glass cover).

I believe the dimensions are identical for the 13" models.

Would it be as simple as attaching the replacement bezel over the stock MBA, or are there tolerance concerns with the additional thickness when closed?

If not, is it possible to remove the aluminum bezel without removing the display from the body?

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated...lets make a hybrid MBAP!

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The MBA display bezels are glued on to the frame. You would have an extremely hard time removing it without breaking the LCD. I don't recommend this at all.

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I have since seen a how-to video for removing the MBA looked difficult. They used a heat gun and a razor blade and were not very clean about it! I am not entirely sure the MBP glass bezel could be attached over the MBA bezel due to the added thickness. The rubber gasket around the bezel determines the thickness, it there is very little room with the bezel in place.


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I also saw the video and tried to remove the MBA bezel, I used this heat gun: ATTEN AT8586 (which is very cheap 90USD) at a temperature of 140-180*C, and I used a plastic blade. You need to pay attention to the lcd but with the heat it was quite easy to remove the bezel.

However I was replacing the lcd so I didn't pay attention on it while opening the bezel.The screen is extremely fragile so try not to use a metal blade.

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