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The first generation of the saloon style family sedan by swedish manufacturer Volvo.

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Driver side window gets stuck on the way down.

Driver side window gets stuck on the way down in my 2001 S40. I have to help by pushing it down. Once i push a little it does the rest by itself, but when i press it to go back up its gets stuck and i have to pull it up a little until the motor kicks in.

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Does it always get stuck at the same position?


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My wife's Audi was doing something similar, the driver's side window was getting slower and slower and eventually stopped moving at all. I thought the motor was fried and I as not liking the idea of replacing it (for the tune of several hundred dollars for the part). After removing the door panel and unbolting the motor from the regulator, I plugged the wires back into the motor and tried the switch only to be pleasantly surprised by a working window motor. Long story ---> short, the window regulator was binding up from a lack of lubrication. (This car happens to have a cable-lift style regulator). I sprayed WD-40 over everything and used clear silicone grease where the glass rides in the window channels. The window has been quite happy ever since.

Hope this helps,


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