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Dual Hard Drive and Screen Bezel Replacement

Zachary Wheeling -

MacBook Core Duo

Image de l'histoire

MacBook Core Duo Optical Drive Replacement


Mon problème

MacBook Core 2 Duo 2.16 Ghz 4GB RAM 240GB Intel SSD 160GB Apple HDD..... Screen Bezel clips were broken and wanted to change color from black to white. Also wanted a dual hard drive as I had recently purchased an SSD to speed up my MacBook C2D and wanted to run three Mac OS's as well as a copy of Windows 10.

Ma solution

Took less than 45 minutes to complete both repairs. The simple guides at ifixit helped me along the way.

Mon conseil

Take your time. Read twice if necessary. And have fun fixing!

Image MacBook Front Display Bezel
MacBook Front Display Bezel


Image MacBook Display Bezel Mounting Clip Set
MacBook Display Bezel Mounting Clip Set


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