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iPhone Rear Camera install

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iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Rear Camera Replacement

iPhone 4 Rear Camera Replacement


Mon problème

My pictures were cloudy and also had big spots on the pictures even when I took a picture of a blank white wall. I did some searching on one and found out that I need to replace the glass lens on the back cover. I did that and it was clear again BUT I still had the spots/dots on pictures even though they were now clear. After doing some searching again I found other people with the same issue and said it was a rear camera issue. I found the camera and detailed instructions on the iFixit site so I took the plunge and ordered it.

Ma solution

After working up my nerve:), I proceeded to take the iPhone apart and remove the camera. The screw were the smallest ones I've ever dealt with and it went pretty well until I went to put the screws back in. Once I got some extra magnification on the screws, I was able to reassemble everything until I got to the back glass which I had already had off and off several times already without a problem. It turns out the battery (which I removed was a little at an angle and once I pried it over to the left, the nubs were able to go into the slots and then the back went on fine. Everything now works fine! It took me about 45 minutes to an hour only because of the magnification and the back cover.

Mon conseil

So with good magnification, knowledge of keeping the battery towards the center when repositioning it back in to the adhesive and confidence, it should only take about 20 minutes or so. Thank you for the product and the instructions!

Image iPhone 4 Rear Camera
iPhone 4 Rear Camera


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