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Eastern Washington University, Team 1-1, Crane Fall 2016

A dream team. The best men for the job. All the time. Everytime. Product we will fix: Vizio VTAB1008 tablet

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Mot-clé de l’équipe : EWU-CRANE-F16S1G1

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Isaac is a master of creative solutions. Born in Spokane, WA in Sacred Heart Hospital, he comes with fresh perspective on life, with a real zest for living. He enjoys pizza, hot tubs, and orange juice.

Gilberto is a senior year Electrical Engineering student. He is studying for an emphasis in communications and hardware design. He has some experience with electronic repairs in the past.

Austin Manring is from a small farm town in eastern Washington and was born in Spokane, WA. His major is General Business and his experience traveling the world will bring unique and diverse ideas to the team.

As far as I know Gilberto has more hardware experience than anyone else in my group I am guessing because he's major is Electrical Engineering, and Isaac solves solutions better.