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Eastern Washington University, Team 2-2, Crane Winter 2017

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Tag de l’équipe : EWU-CRANE-W17S2G2

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Meet the Team

Abdulraouf Alnashmi is a Sophomore majoring in electrical and chemical engineering. He studied at Montana state University for two years. Technology is his passion and he is very skilled with software for Apple and Microsoft devices. The love of his major and the experience in technology made him very knowledgeable person in the team.

Mariah Scott is a junior and a VCD major with intent to minor but is still undecided. When she is finished with her schooling, she plans to move outside her hometown of Spokane in hopes to obtain a job as a designer in an advertising agency. Mariah is a very driven student and is very creative which will make her a good asset to the team.

Katie Enders is a junior majoring in history and minoring in technical communication. She is also working towards the competition of a Public History Certificate. Before transferring to EWU, she received her Associate of Arts degree from Spokane Falls Community College, where she graduated on the President's Honor Roll. She is currently a member of the EWU Honors Program. The main strengths she brings to the table are very strong organizational skills and a love of grammar, punctation, and editing.