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Eastern Washington University, Team 2-3, Crane Winter 2017

A team consisting of Luke Browning, Kira Kallem, Elisabeth Garica for T-COM 205.

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Tag de l’équipe : EWU-CRANE-W17S2G3

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Kira has a background in graphic design, does video editing, and works for a production company that specializes in digital media. The skills she will bring are post-production editing for photographs, can help with troubleshooting technology as she worked as a technological assistant for 3 years under Eastern's IT department.

Lizzy has experience in programming, customer service, and computer hardware. She has skills in building computers, printer repair, and troubleshooting. She has advanced knowledge in Windows and Android operating systems, and internet security. She's worked for the past few years at Walla Walla Community College's HelpDesk in IT support.

Luke has worked as a student care worker at an elementary school and as a math tutor for the past two years. He is very advanced in mathematics and is majoring in Electrical Engineering. He has a good understanding of taking apart/putting together electronics and really enjoys do-it-yourself projects that involve problem solving steps.