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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G5, Carnegie Fall 2017

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Mot-clé de l’équipe : EWU-CARNEGIE-F17S1G5

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We are a group of 4 students working on a project for our Technical Communication class. Below is a short description of each member and what skills they bring to our team.

Madeline Kreder a business administration major and junior at Eastern Washington University. Skills in organization and problem solving; and developing skills in information systems, technology, and time management.

Cameron Chapman is an electrical engineering student at Eastern Washington University. His skills are technical knowledge, project management, and problem solving. He enjoys collaborating with others on various tasks and projects.

Jason Ward is a Visual Communication Design major with no other studies or minors at the moment. He is the type of person who is good with layouts and the visual aspect of the project. When something is assigned he will do his part to make sure the project is done. He has been here since Fall Quarter of 2015.

Maria Galindo, a super senior (5th year) at Eastern Washington University. Currently pursuing a career in Nursing and Public Health, with a minor in sociology. The skills she is able to contribute to the group are organization, managing data, and staying on top of due dates and deadlines.