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iFixit's community managers strive to bring together as many like-minded people as possible, make sure they get help with their repair problems and that they are able to help others. We want to accompany and encourage you all along your personal repair...


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Replace Elastic Band on Clothing

Elastic bands wear out over time and also tend...

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iPod 5th Generation (Video) Headphone Jack & Hold Switch Replacement

Instructions on how to remove the headphone...

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Toshiba Satellite L670 HDD replacement

This guide shows you how to replace the Toshiba...

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How to Reset the SMC on MacBooks

If you have done a logic board or battery...

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SYNOLOGY DS220 +: a complete disassembly in rules

Here's a step-by-step tutorial to dismount each...

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How you put your iPhone 7 into DFU Mode?

Whether you want to jailbreak or update your iP...