The Air Jordan 1 is a leather sneaker that scratches and scuffs easily with wear. By completing these steps, you can learn how to repair your worn sneakers and improve their condition.

Unlace sneakers.
  • Unlace sneakers.

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Stuff toe-box with paper towels until leather is stuffed to capacity.
  • Stuff toe-box with paper towels until leather is stuffed to capacity.

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  • Dampen a small towel.

  • Place damp towel across toe-box.

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  • Using a flat iron, iron over the damp towel to remove toe-box creases.

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  • Remove towel after ironing.

  • For best results, keep toe-box stuffed with paper towels until you're ready to wear.

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  • Select Angelus Leather Paint that matches the original color of your shoes.

  • Using a small paint brush, paint over scuffs and scratches with their original color in thin, even coats.

  • Allow 20 minutes in between coats for paint to fully dry.

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  • Re-lace sneakers.

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Once you've completed these steps, your shoes will be ready for wear.

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This is the best repair guide in the world.

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i love this repair guide.

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Best repair guide ever!

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