If your computer is running slower than usual, you may be overreaching its RAM capabilities. Here is some more information about what may be slowing down your computer. If you decide you need to replace or upgrade your RAM cards, follow this replacement guide!


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Flip the laptop over.
  • Flip the laptop over.

  • Slide the lever with the battery symbol beside it firmly until the battery pops out.

  • Remove the battery from the laptop.

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Slide the right lever firmly to the right.
  • Slide the right lever firmly to the right.

  • Slide the cover towards yourself to remove it.

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  • Make sure the laptop is oriented bottom-up.

  • Pull the clips away from the RAM card and the module will pop out.

  • Lift the module out and repeat for the other RAM card.

Please add the step(s) to remove the keyboard before Step 4!

Miles Johnson - Réponse

  • Flip the laptop over and remove the other two modules.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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