Your waterproof jacket has been wrinkled, crinkled and creased. Ironing your jacket can help prevent creases that can lead to excessive wear in your jacket. Every jacket is different so you'll need to pay attention as you iron your jacket. Don't iron over drawcords, and watch for other closures that can create a bumpy ironing surface. Don't have an ironing board? No problem. Fold up a towel on a solid surface, such as a counter or table, to create a makeshift ironing board.


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Unzip your clean jacket and slide one half over your ironing board.
  • Unzip your clean jacket and slide one half over your ironing board.

    • You only want to iron through one layer of the jacket. Ironing through two layers can create wrinkles in one side.

  • Flatten your jacket with your hands.

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Set your iron to its lowest setting.
  • Set your iron to its lowest setting.

  • Ensure that the steam function of your iron is off.

    • Steam can melt your jacket. If you can't turn off the steam function on your iron, be sure to drain the water chamber of your iron.

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  • Lay a towel over the area of your jacket that you'll be ironing.

  • Smooth the towel out with your hands.

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  • Starting near the center, iron the jacket in one smooth stroke running parallel to the zipper.

  • Only iron in one direction. Each stroke should go in the same direction. Change directions only when you move to a new section of the jacket.

  • Do not press down with the iron. Allow the heat and weight of the iron to do the work.

  • Always keep the iron moving. Stopping in one place can result in burnt fabric.

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  • Remove the towel from your jacket.

  • Inspect your work.

    • If it looks as though the iron did nothing, you can increase the heat of your iron by one setting and try ironing again.

    • If your work looks good, position another section of the jacket flat on the ironing board, re-cover it with the towel and repeat the process until your whole jacket is wrinkle-free.

  • Don't forget to turn off the iron when you finish.

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Thank you, good advice for younger generation who have clue.

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Thank you - good reminder for the older generation who have lost their marbles

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Thank you- good reminder for the baby boomer middle aged who voted for Brexit and haven't got a clue.

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I hope the non-English comment is also in the same form as the first 3.

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Thank you, good reminder for the younger cotton pickers who had no idea how! And shoutout to the caveman too!

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Thank you, good advice for the greek single 30year old, who is too old to be asking his mother to do his ironing. But he does… ;);)

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