Ce tutoriel explique comment retirer la coque arrière du Nexus 5, ce qui accès à tous les composants internes du téléphone. Cela prend quelques minutes.

  • Utilisez un outil d'ouverture en plastique pour ouvrir les clips sur le dessus et sur chaque côté de la coque arrière.

  • Le bas est fixé avec un peu d'adhésif. Vous devriez finalement pouvoir retirer la coque arrière en utilisant un médiator.

  • Il vaut mieux éviter de faire levier autour de la fente de la carte SIM. En effet, le plastique est très fin et risque de se casser si vous prenez appui dessus.

Wireless QI and NFC.

Once I have put everything together with the new battery in place, I have as last replaced the plastic back cover, snapping all the clips back around the edges of the phone. Alas, I was quick to realise the QI Wireless charging has ceased to work.

I almost blamed the battery, or worse, me.

QUICK TIP: there is actually another clip in the middle of the plastic back cover - just press with your thumb just above the 'S' in NEXUS emblem and, voila! Snaps back in.

Wireless charge and NFC - works, once again.

cwioro - Réponse

you just saved me like 30 bucks. thank you so much.

Robert Nolan -

+ 1, had the same issue and pressing just near the S fixed it! Thanks a lot!

nicco82 -

Just a me too, I had to press above the S and it was quite a snap

Erik Karlin -

There seems to be two contacts that snap into place. One is in line with the led pretty much in the middle of the phone and the second one in line with the camera lens on the opposite side to the lens. The middle one for me snapped pretty lightly, but the side one required a bit more pressure. After that the nfc started working again. Thanks for posting this!

Dennis Millner -

Is it hard to remove the battery door? Worried I might damage it.

Ash - Réponse

When I openend the back cover I damaged two clips. One about 2.5cm (1 inch) below the volume controls and one on the other side about same height. The cover fits good without those two but on one side there is a small gap where the clip broke. But I have a hard cover protector on my phone so it's not that bad.

simonlwheeler - Réponse

The case around the sim slot is pretty thin and easy to break, best to avoid using the pry tool at this point.

Aled Morris - Réponse

Excellent tip, should be included in the main guide.

fprades - Réponse

Hey Author, i need to ur expert advice...i replaced my nexus 5's back cover. since the new one did not have the vibrators battery i had to take it from the old one and connect it to the new one...on removing i noticed that it was stuck to the cover by a glue

Question: what glue to use to hold the battery to the cover?

suwaid akbar - Réponse

Any adhesive will do. I used a hot glue gun. You shouldn't need expert advice to figure that out. Use your head.

tjt263 -

The case around the volume control is also pretty thin.... I broke mine prying so avoid the pry there too.

Also my back had glue at the bottom and I haven't seen mentioned

kornerson - Réponse


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Where do you find backs for the Nexus 5? Thanks!

Mark Brown - Réponse

You can find them on Ebay

christian colon - Réponse

can you tell me if removing the cover of the nexus 5 GPS stops working well?

daniele neri - Réponse

Back cover LG spare part numbers are:

Black: ACQ86691011

White: ACQ86691012

Red: ACQ86691013

Google them. Done.

nexus555 - Réponse

Thank you very much.

Jesse Wind -

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